In Bisbee, we like to have fun.  Our Tap Room is always a place of camaraderie.  As the sun sets, the Patio comes alive as the cascading lights come on, video screen lights up and our famous disco ball emerges from behind the patio building.

We do make a special effort though, to make the events something very memorable and outrageously fun. Look at the pictures!





Valentines Day

Our patio is said to be a most romantic place.  Additionally, the Tap Room is specially decorated and you can create a custom valentine with our free card making supplies.








St Partick's Day

Can you imagine St. Patrick's Day  without green beer?  View our emerald highlands, while sipping our special St. Pat's Emerald Ale beginning,  Saturday, St Patrick's Day.





Cinco de Mayo

Speak Spanish, English or Spanglish on our Patio while listening to mexican music, enjoying one of our 7 beers and have our chorizo (bratwurst) and chili.  What fun! We don't call it Mexican Independence Day because that is September 16th.  We celebrate Cinco de Mayo to toast our great mexican friends and heritage.  To make it convenient for more of us, we will celebrate on May 2nd not May 5th.



Bisbee Pride

We embrace the "great rainbow of people" here in Bisbee.  In mid-June, this citywide event shows how hospitable Bisbee people are as what has come to be a huge event unfolds over multiple days.  




Fourth of July

Historically, the time of miner's competitions and our great coaster race.  You will have the best vantage point to watch the miner's competition from our patio,  One of only two times during the year that Brewery Gulch is blocked off so competitions and celebration can be unimpeded.  We will open early.  



Pirates Of The High Desert

The second weekend of August is the time to join the pirates.  Created by Old Bisbee Brewing Company to celebrate this enclave of pirate hijinks.  "Where do smart pirates go during hurricane season?  Bisbee, of course.  We never have had a hurricane."  (To be held on the 13th of August, this year).




Brewery Gulch Daze

The first weekend in September is host to the "Daze".  The other time time when the gulch is blocked off to afford us all a great time to watch the pet parade, and the crowning of "Miss Bisbee", eat from the concession stands and listen the music.  You can see it all from our patio. (To be held on September 5th this year).




Bisbee Blues Festival

September 12th our legendary music festival takes place in Brewery Gulch at City Park.  Some of the best musicians you will ever hear will be there all day!













October 8th is the time to enjoy some bratwurst, sauerkraut, and pretzels and our special Oktoberfest Harvest Ale.  I know, you can enjoy the Old Bisbee Brewery, but during Oktoberfest, with all the great Bavarian costumes and music, you'll think you're in the Alps.


Bisbee 1000 Stair Climb and Brewfest

The famous Bisbee 1000 Stair Climb takes place every third Saturday in October. Thousands come to Bisbee to compete in this national event.  In recent years, the Bisbee 1000 Brewfest has grown with breweries both in and out of state participating.  We enjoy "our brethren" being here and you will too!

Halloween Party! October 31st

There is nothing like celebrating Halloween in Bisbee.  Granted, you see a lot of slightly weird costumes any given day in Bisbee but we go all out on Halloween. 




New Years

New Years at Old Bisbee Brewing Company is the place to celebrate the coming of the New Year.  And, yes, we have a special techno show at midnight.  Salute the New Year with Salut!