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In our state-of-the-art brew house, all our beers are created with the goal of ultimate smoothness, multi layering of flavors and balance in mind.  Our brew master, Vic Winquist, learned brewing at Brew Lab, a department of the University of Sunderland, in northern Great Britain, near Newcastle.  During his time in Europe, on a first hand basis, he experienced many approaches to making fine beer. All had in common the desire to design and produce beers with complex character and yet ultimate drinkability.  Following that experience, Vic, designed each of our beers, to, in their own distinctive ways, be a truly uncommon, rewarding, experience for the customers. To accomplish this, we begin with altering the profile of the water to maximize flavor extraction from the grains; then using our uncommonly complex recipes, the brewing processes is accomplished with a high degree of exactness.  On the fermentation side, our special yeasts ferment at the exact temperature to ensure correct flavor and then we take the extra step, even with our ales, of cold stabilization over many days to clarify the beers instead of filtration.  Very few breweries will take the extra time to do this but we find filtering strips out flavor and leaves a harsher tasting beer where cold clarification results in a full flavored beer with the ultimate in smoothness.

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