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The full name is “Salut de la Vie”.  It was expressed many times in France in the 1870’s and 1880’s.  The translation is “salvation of life”.  We all know that the French take there wine seriously.  When a blight devastated the industry beginning in the 1860’s and alternative product was sought.  An ingenious brewer came up with what became known as “Salut” which tasted much like a sparkling wine.  We have recreated it for those who prefer the taste and flavor of wine over beer.  Very refreshing. 


Pale Malts

Galena and Sterling Hops

1.52 degrees


5.4 % by volume


All beers $4.50 for 16 oz and $5.00 for 20 oz. Growler to go container $4.00. Beer refills $12.00.

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