Located in the heart of Old Bisbee in historic Brewery Gulch, experience our award winning beers, old fashioned root beer, grilled brats, and vegan chili. Enjoy the view from our elevated patio, or make new friends in the taproom.


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Imagine a boutique brewery, ultra modern in design, totally custom built to create beers of the highest quality.  Now, place that brewery in a great historical setting.....That is Old Bisbee Brewing Company.  Established in 2010 above legendary Brewery Gulch in the mile high, historic town of Bisbee, Arizona,  Old Bisbee Brewing Company has become renown for the exceptional quality of its' beers. Also, with the great brewing capabilities of both equipment and staff, Old Bisbee Brewing Company is incorporating local ingrediants such as our own local, native hops, Sonoran mountain limes, and Sonoran white wheat to creat brews found at no other brewery. 

Sit next to the serving tanks or at the stainless steel bar in the Tap Room or journey up to the elevated patio and enjoy the views over Brewery Gulch to the mountains beyond. Our savory, beer simmered  barbequed bratwurst and famous Roka's chili are served all open hours plus there is always free popcorn to complete the enjoyable experience at Old Bisbee Brewing Company.

If interested, request a tour of the brew house.  And, yes, the beer is pumped under the street between the brew house and Tap Room buildings!

We always enjoy seeing you, but when you can't make it, savor our beer at select locations in Tucson and Tombstone as well as the many fine establishments in Bisbee.  Hope to see you soon!